OpenStack Summit Paris recap

Here's some summary of things I've heard in Paris' OpenStack Summit:

  • Ubuntu's LXD (
    • There is already some effort going on to support LXC using Libvirt in Nova. I don't think there will be much demand on LXD but just my two cents
  • Dockerizing OpenStack services (Proof …
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Openstack Summit May 2014 Atlanta

Just some notes to not to forget:

  • Heat, Tuskar, DSL2, TripleO - Link
  • Upcoming Heat Puppet Hook (and possibly others like Ansible, Chef, ...)
  • eNovance is running every l3-agent on every compute node with vrrp (keepalived)
    • we could do better for sure, but worth considering
  • Groundwork, Solinea (Goldstone sounds like a great …
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