Here's some summary of things I've heard in Paris' OpenStack Summit:

  • Ubuntu's LXD (
    • There is already some effort going on to support LXC using Libvirt in Nova. I don't think there will be much demand on LXD but just my two cents
  • Dockerizing OpenStack services (Proof of Concept) which is a great way to HA services with an etcd cluster
  • Much effort taken to distribute provider routers (L3-Agent) across multiple network nodes
  • Operators Working group (
  • Some kind of reference architecture (maybe a logical conclusion) we already do at Pixelpark (own packages, active/active/active/... Services, HAProxy, "Whatever MySQL Flavor with galera", Corosync/Pacemaker, OVS>2.0

Come back later on I plan to update this post often in next couple of weeks.